FAQ – Buying sponsored articles

Where can I see my purchase history?

In the case of a "Quick Purchase", they are displayed within that same page but in the "Proposals" tab.

In the case of a netlinking project, you will get a project report under “Purchase” => “Current Projects” / “Pending Projects” / “Completed Projects”.

You will then have to click on the "Report" button next to the relevant project.


Do the links contain the "sponsored article" indication or a Nofollow, Sponsored or UGC attribute?

Each partner indicates independently whether the articles will have the "Sponsored Article" indication or a "Nofollow", "Sponsored" or even "ugc" attribute. In this case, the partner's site is displayed as follows:




How much time will the links or articles stay online?

The partners should never delete the articles or links. In theory, the articles should stay online for as long as the website lives. This notion, remaining rather vague, means that Ereferer cannot guarantee that the partner will honor his commitment.

However, if an article/link is deleted within less than 30 days, Ereferer commits to refunding you.

Beyond the 30 days, you will need to address the partner directly.


What is a link anchor and how do I choose one?

The anchor is the word or set of words on which the link will be placed. Ereferer offers 3 types of anchors:

·        Optimized: the link is placed on very popular keywords. It doesn’t appear natural.

·        Semi-optimized: the link is placed on a sentence section with popular keywords.

·        Unoptimized: the link is placed on the brand, the URL or words that have nothing to do with your site.

Here are some anchor examples for the Ereferer website:

Optimized anchor examples:

·        Buying sponsored articles;

·        Directory referencing;

·        Netlinking platform.

Semi-optimized anchor examples:

·        use this website to buy sponsored articles;

·        directory referencing with Ereferer;

·        this netlinking platform.

Unoptimized anchor examples:

·        Ereferer;

·        www.ereferer.com;

·        on this site;

·        view the source.

At Ereferer we highly recommend that you choose unoptimized anchors for at least 85% of your links.

I’m not satisfied with my purchase; can I get a refund?

As a first step, we invite you to settle the dispute with the partner.

If you can’t find an amicable resolution, a refund is possible if the partner has not respected its publication rules.