FAQ – Selling sponsored articles

How much can I earn by selling articles?

The selling price depends on an algorithm established by Ereferer. You can see your selling price on the "Add a site" page (Tab: My websites => Add). Enter your URL and Ereferer will indicate a maximum sale price.


Why does Ereferer not let me offer a higher selling price?

To avoid any abuse! If Ereferer does not offer a high selling price for your site, it's because your site is too new or has no traffic.


How much commission does Ereferer receive on a sale?

During the sale, Ereferer gives you 90% commission. However, if you withdraw your earnings, Ereferer applies an additional 15% commission on the amount received after the commission of the sale.

For example: the price of your website is set at 100€. After 10% commission, your account will be credited with 90€.

If you then want to withdraw these 90€, there will be a 15% withdrawal fee, and you will receive 76.50€.


Where can I find my sales history?

Under the "Sales" menu, in the "History" tab.


Can I publish a link in Nofollow or include a "Sponsored Article" indication?

You are required to indicate it when setting up your website’s sales page.

If you place a Nofollow attribute or add the "Sponsored Article" indication in the article, without informing of it beforehand, the sale will be canceled and the partner refunded.

In case of proven abuse, your account will be closed.


How long does the article or link have to be published for?

The article and the link must be published forever. Meaning, as long as your website is online.


When and how can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings if your balance is over 100€. You can only request one withdrawal per month.

Your earnings are paid within 30 days by bank transfer or PayPal.